Stepping into the Unknown:Unveiling the Journey from Prestigious Consulting Role to Entrepreneurship


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Caterina Kostoula

Caterina Kostoula is an executive coach and founder of The Leaderpath.

Her mission is to coach pioneering leaders for impact and fulfilment.

She has worked as a Global Business Leader at Google where she was
also a 5-star rated internal coach. She has coached leaders and teams from Google, Amazon, Stripe and Workable, as well as a number of startups.

Caterina teaches the popular Life Vision Programme at INSEAD Business School.

Her work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company and Thrive Global. Her best-selling book, “Hold Successful Meetings”, was published by Penguin in 2021. Her TEDx talk is called “Do your goals prevent your success?”


– MSc in Executive Coaching from Ashridge Business School (EMCC-accredited)


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Stepping into the Unknown:Unveiling the Journey from Prestigious Consulting Role to Entrepreneurship

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