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Clarify what you really want in your life, business, and career. Find your inner compass to guide your biggest decisions. A powerful vision is the catalyst to feeling aligned, energised, and fulfilling your potential.

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Having success on your terms means experiencing what you want in all areas of your life. It means living your purpose day in and day out, enjoying the journey.

The problem is that we are constantly bombarded by other people’s demands. We are also presented with more options than ever before.

With all the noise, busyness and distraction, it becomes harder, and harder to tune in to what WE want.

The world changes at lightning speed. And so are we.

What used to be a dream-come-true can now feel like a cage because we have outgrown it.

But, how are you expected to create a life you love if you are not clear on what you want?

The answer is a holistic, authentic life vision.

In fact, a powerful life vision is the most effective way to create success on your terms in all areas of your life.

I have not read an autobiography of a successful person who did not have a vision of their success way before they achieved it.

How do you create a holistic, authentic life vision?

Introducing VisionPath, my signature 6-week group coaching program.

VisionPath is the complete A to Z system to design an authentic life vision so that you create success on your terms and a life you love.

When you create a powerful vision, you:

Enjoy more success as you do what you love, get better Ideas, recognize the right opportunities, and become better at what you do.
Wake up energized and have more fun in your work because you live your purpose rather than fighting burnout or career stagnation due to misalignment.
Save time, money, and heartache by working on the right things rather than realizing too late that you were climbing the wrong ladder all along.
Achieve more by doing less, as you know what matters and can more easily focus and prioritize.
Rise in all areas of your life, including love, work, health, and play, rather than feeling one-dimensional or unbalanced.
Live your life to the fullest by intentionally designing it rather than being on autopilot and regretting the things you did not do.

What you are getting inside VisionPath

6 Modules with Audio lessons

(to listen to podcast style) that will guide you on how to tap into what you really want. You also get the transcripts and accompanying workbooks.

6 Vision-setting workshops

to facilitate you in answering the big questions that matter.

6 Group coaching calls

where I answer questions and offer hot-seat coaching to make sure we remove any blocks or barriers to clarity.

Your own digital vision board

to inspire you and bring color to your vision.

Vision workbooks

with exercises for you to clarify your thinking and uncover insights.

Lifetime access (including all updates)

As long as the program runs, you can return to it whenever you want a new vision.

Online Community

on our learning portal with fellow visionaries to support you and cheer you on as you play a bigger game.

One free ticket to the “New Year, New Frontier”

3-day in-person workshop in Greece (January 2025) to translate your limitless grand vision into a 1-year, practical plan.

We start on the 19th of February. Here is what is happening week by week inside VisionPath:

Clear out attachments and resistance that push you out of creator mode into fight-or-flight.
Learn how to stop fear & ego from blocking your access to your inner compass.
Reconnect with your joy and intuition so that you live your purpose in flow.
Design experiments to finetune your vision.
Craft your Health and Love Vision. Time to nurture ourselves and our relationships.
Craft your Work & Play Vision. Time to make some waves at work or ride some at the beach;-)

Are you ready for a new vision?

Enroll in VisionPath today

“Recommended to anyone looking to reconnect and reimagine their vision”

Caterina is a gifted coach, getting the best out of established and emerging leaders with encouragement, perspective, inspiration and challenge. The VisionPath programme with its group coaching and individual input is recommended for anyone looking to reconnect to and reimagine their personal and professional vision.

Philip KrinksSenior Adviser at The Boston Consulting Group

This program is for you if

  • You feel like it is time to pivot, either your business, career, or life, and you want more clarity and confidence before you make any major decisions.
  • You had a life change (for example parenthood, launching a business, change of career, change of relationship status, retirement), and you want to take some time to intentionally design your new life.
  • You reached a success milestone and wonder what is next.
  • You know you are going in the right direction; you just wish for more clarity in certain areas.
  • You need a change urgently as lack of progress and burnout are knocking at your door, but you are not sure what you want to do instead.
  • You have a big birthday coming up and want to use it as a springboard to design your next chapter intentionally.

This program is not for you if

  • You have a victim mentality - it is always someone else’s fault. This program requires a growth mindset and personal responsibility.
  • You are attached to the story that things cannot change for you.
  • You are looking for someone else to tell you what to do with your life. The program is designed to guide you into the life YOU want.
  • You are feeling numb. The program uses your feelings as a tool, so if you are going through a numbness phase, i would advice to focus on feeling again, and then you can join the program.

But Caterina, I am too busy right now to work on my vision.

Saying that you are too busy to work on your vision is like saying …

you are too busy going toward your destination to check the map on your phone to ensure you are going in the right direction.

If you go the wrong way, you will waste a lot more time, money and, heartache.

What’s more, busyness is often a vision problem. Pursuing too many often conflicting goals because you are not clear on which goals matter to where you want to go and which ones are driven by other people’s expectations or inertia.

Isn’t A Life Vision Too Daunting of a Project?

Not the way I teach it.  It is fun, energizing and inspiring.
We play. We imagine. We tune in. We share ideas.

I guide you through every step of the process.

Like creating a puzzle, piece by piece, participants say they
had a Life Vision before they knew it.

What’s the benefit of joining the program versus figuring things out on my own?

I often see people saying they are going to work on their vision on their own, but they keep postponing it, staying at the same place for years.  Hey, I have been one of those people!

It is tempting to prioritize the urgent over the important. Left alone, we often get distracted from vision work as a defence mechanism to avoid facing uncomfortable feelings.

Make no mistake; when we work on our vision, feelings come up. It can feel daunting. That is why most people never do this work and why having a mentor and a community to hold you during the process is invaluable.

It took me years of trial and error to finetune the VisionPath process and make it yield results so quickly for the participants.

In VisionPath, you will get expert insight, coaching, and guidance about what might be holding you back or thinking too small.

You also get diverse perspectives, accountability, and support from your fellow participants.

Finally, it is a lot more fun! People say they found the process energizing and inspiring.

We play. We imagine. We tune in. We share ideas. I guide you through every step of the way.

Like creating a puzzle, piece by piece, participants say they had a Life Vision before they knew it.

By committing to a program like VisionPath, you send a signal to yourself that you are serious about this. That your life matters. And you are committed to making it the best it can be.

Why VisionPath participants start living their vision so fast?

I gained more clarity and confidence”

Through well-crafted exercises and thoughtful questions, Caterina helped me shape my 3-year vision and design specific strategies to achieve it. Working with Caterina, I gained more clarity and confidence to work towards my goals.

Lina VourgidouHead of News AI, Lead Product Manager at Bloomberg LP

“I can’t recommend this program enough!”

I can't recommend this program enough! The combination of real time coaching from Caterina herself as well as the other professionals, and the various activities to define your values, vision, and goals was extremely effective and insightful. Caterina is an amazing coach, so thoughtful, patient, and skilled. At the same time, she's someone who will challenge you, and pose very thought-provoking questions that will challenge your assumptions about how you approach problem solving, and approach your self discovery.

Eduardo MunizPeople Operations Manager at Google

“Everyday I created something new on my Visionboard”

I really enjoyed being part of the VisionPath virtual program. Caterina is very clear and goes straight to the point when sharing key concepts, examples, and action plans. I was positively surprised by her talks and workbooks that were distributed during the two weeks. It was very helpful to me as, every day, I created something new regarding my Vision Board and I focused on my priorities. I recommend it to everyone that aims to have their purpose clear to have a more intentional life.

Cristiana PinciroliFounder at WeTeam

“So well structured and well-thought of”

I have worked with Caterina as an individual coach and I took her VisionPath program. Caterina is an excellent coach, she is really experienced with so many stories and examples to bring to the table. She is a great listener, always asking the right questions and reading between the lines. She is also so comfortable to talk to and creates a safe space to share personal stories and discuss hard topics. Her approach and program are so structured and well thought of. I am genuinely inspired by her story, her coaching, her impact and would recommend her to any friend or colleague.

Stephanie Abi AbdallahSenior Manager at Strategy&

How much is the investment for VisionPath?

VisionPath is not cheap. But, there is nothing more expensive than the lack of clarity. Most people waste years pursuing things they do not want.

You can hire a coach (including me) to support you 1:1 to clarify your vision for a five-figure investment.

Or you can clarify your vision by joining VisionPath for just 12 instalments of $139 or pay in full and save.

What’s Included: VisionPathVisionRetreat
6 Modules with audio lessons Check Icon Check Icon
6 Vision-setting workshops Check Icon Check Icon
6 Group coaching calls Check Icon Check Icon
Your digital visionboard Check Icon Check Icon
Community Check Icon Check Icon
Free ticket to New Year, New Frontier 3-day in-person workshop Check Icon Check Icon
ParentPath audio course Check Icon Check Icon
3 Days of in-person 1:1 coaching with Caterina in Costa Rica or Greece in 2024 - Check Icon
3 Nights accommodation - Check Icon
Transfer to and from the airport - Check Icon
Team Genius course: Lead your team to greatness - Check Icon
Thought Leader course: Make a difference with your writing - Check Icon
Check Icon


12 monthly installments of



Or pay in full and save.


One payment of



VisionPath + A 3-Day 1:1 Coaching Retreat with Caterina

If you are ready to get more clarity about what you want in your life, VisionPath will help you achieve just that. In fact, I will guarantee it.

The 365-Day VisionPath Guarantee

I’m going to give you an entire year — 365 days — to try VisionPath and see how it can help you get more clarity about what you want in your life.

If it doesn’t, then all you need to do is contact my team, and they’ll happily refund your investment.

But full disclosure: You have to prove to me that you did the work.

And the reason is simple …

nothing works unless you use it.

People confuse acquiring with accomplishing. They’ll buy a program and think they’re taking action. But 30, 60, or 90 days later, after they haven’t even logged into their account, they’re calling for a refund telling themselves the product didn’t work.

Nothing Will Work For You If You Do Nothing.

So if you’re not planning to do the work and take the steps in the program, then save your money.

If you’re committed to taking action, then this is one of the most generous guarantees you’ll ever get.

Because it gives you a full year to go through all the audio lessons, the workshops, and the coaching calls.  A full year to go through the workbooks and the exercises. A full year not only to clarify your vision but to start bringing it to reality.

But that is not all!
When you join VisionPath you get some more gifts to make your vision even more amazing!

ParentPath audio course with my science-backed strategies to raise happy kids while rocking your career. I do not want anyone to use their kids as an excuse to not pursue their vision. ParentPath will teach you how to be an excellent parent without sacrificing your own dreams.

Money mindset masterclass, because removing your money blocks and unlocking abundance will help you bring much of your vision to life (fast-acting bonus).

Visualizations and meditations to help you tap into your inner wisdom.

6 x Date-Night Vision-Alignment Discussion Prompts so that you can bring your partner along for the ride and make sure you are aligned. If you are single, these can be great prompts to journal on date night with yourself.

date night set up

Get a ticket for my 3-day New Year, New Frontier workshop in Greece in January 2025

Create your new vision!

Enroll in VisionPath today

“Valuable space for reflection”

I attended Caterina's VisionPath program and was truly impressed.
The program is very thorough and holistic (embracing both personal & professional lifegoals across multiple dimensions), following a solid methodology grounded in research.
It is very well designed and flexible - therefore I did not have trouble fitting it into my busy schedule. It created very valuable space for reflection and, importantly helped me to land some very actionable and practical next steps to progress towards the goals I defined.

Aude Rey, Transformation Head at Nestle

Your vision coach

I am a vision coach and creator of INSEAD Business School’s popular Life Vision Programme. I have used vision in my own life to land a job at Google, a book contract with Penguin, a mission-driven business, and a family life full of freedom, travel, and adventure.

I have guided hundreds of leaders to clarify their vision and build a life of impact and fulfillment.

Caterina has been featured on

My corporate clients include

Google, Johnson & Johnson, Vodafone, Workable and many start-ups. I have a MSc in Executive Coaching by Hult Ashridge Business School and an INSEAD MBA.

“Well structured approach”

I attended Caterina's VisionPath program. I experienced first-hand her passion for helping others, her outstanding ability to frame most abstract/ difficult questions one faces in life and her well structured approach in answering those questions. I am grateful I met her in an important juncture for my life. The learnings from this program will guide me for many years to come.

Mustafa Serdar BoscaFounder CarbonSifr

“Very well designed”

The Best Life and Professional Training program on Vision. Very well designed and provide strategy to live your Vision. The community also help to listen and share from other amazing people across the world. Highly recommended to the Genz audience to signup this course to build their Vision now.

Fahad ShahabPartnerships Development Manager

“Well curated and thought provoking”

The VisionPath is well curated and thought provoking, full of interesting insights and practical life lessons made easy to apply. Would highly recommend.

Sadaf RazaFounder Leadearly

“Inspired me to dream big again.”

I absolutely loved Catarina's VisionPath programme. Her thought-provoking and probing questions really encouraged me to face my limiting assumptions and beliefs head on and the powerful use of visualisations gave me the opportunity to completely reframe my professional and personal vision. Catarina and my group of fellow visionaries really inspired me to dream big again, for which I am enormously grateful.

Rachel RuleManaging Director (South Africa) at INDITEX

VisionPath trailer

Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

1. What makes the members of VisionPath and all the testimonials I've seen so successful?

VisionPath is not just a course; it is a step-by-step process leading you to more clarity and a better connection to yourself.

Yes, there are lessons.

There are also workshops where you go through exercises and discuss with your peers.

Group coaching calls where I answer questions and offer hot seat coaching. VisionPath is the only vision course I am aware of that guides you step by step into removing the barriers to your vision before you get visioning.

2. I am really busy right now. Should I join the next cohort?

Things rarely get less hectic in the future unless we make some life changes.

Busyness is often a vision problem. Pursuing too many conflicting goals because you are not clear on which goals matter to where you want to go and which ones are driven by other people’s expectations or inertia.

The VisionPath lessons are podcast-style to listen to while you are on the move. You can do the work at your own pace. You can watch the replays if you cannot join the calls live.

If part of your busy schedule is some little ones, I have included a special bonus, my ParentPath audio course, that shares my best strategies for being an excellent parent while following your own dreams.

You also get lifetime access to VisionPath, so you can join a future cohort again if you want to refresh your vision.

I cannot guarantee when the next VisionPath cohort will be or that the price of the program will not go up the next time we open the doors.

3. How much time will this program take to implement?

Most of our participants start having breakthroughs from the first week. You can also do the program at your own pace. You can join the calls live or watch the replays.

If you want to go all in, the course is about 3-4 hours per week for 6 weeks. You will have a live workshop and a live coaching call every week for six weeks. You will also have audio lessons and exercises to do in your own time.

4. What can I expect once I enroll in VisionPath?

You will get access to our online community on the Kajabi platform, where you can introduce yourself and say hi.

Before we get started on the 19th of February, you have time to get ready. Add the workshops and coaching calls to your calendar, download the community app on your phone, and add the VisionPath private podcast to your podcast app.

The program will start on the week commencing 19th February and will last for six weeks.

From the 19th of February onward, you will have new audio lessons appearing every week on your podcast app that you can listen to on your own time.

You can join a workshop and a coaching call per week (or watch the replays) to get support from me and your peers.

You will also be given a fun weekly challenge to do.

5. What is the guarantee/refund policy for VisionPath?

We offer a 365 Day Conditional Guarantee.

All I require is that you’ve COMPLETED the course AND submitted your completed workbooks, challenges and visionboard from the program.

I want there to be NO RISK whatsoever when you decide to enroll and join the Community! Please see our Terms & Conditions for details.

6. I already have a vision board. Will I get value out of the program?

A vision board is not a vision. Anyone can find some cool pictures online and paste them on a slide. But here is what most people do not do:

Learning to tune into their inner compass. Knowing that their goal is not driven by ego but by their purpose. Living in alignment. We work on these themes on VisionPath, and the vision board is the cherry on the cake.

The program offers much more than vision board guidance. As you go through it,  who knows, you may decide to update your vision board.

7. I want to join VisionPath but cannot afford it; what should I do?

If you want to join VisionPath, it means you have a clear desire. So, we have already made some progress together, as VisionPath helps you connect with your desires about your life.

Is it that you can’t afford the program, or is the money an excuse for a more profound fear of embarking on your vision journey?

I believe that the transformation begins in the transaction. There is something that changes when we decide to invest in our growth; we send the signal to ourselves that we are our best investment.

My desire is for you to tap into unlimited abundance so that you can bring any vision to reality, unbounded by financial restrictions.

I can best help you inside the program; I even added a money mindset masterclass as a fast-acting bonus. I have also included a payment plan, plus a 365-day conditional guarantee.

Still, if it is not possible for you right now to join the program, I suggest you use the hundreds of articles on my blog to start creating abundance, and I will see you in the next cohort.

8. I do not want to commit to a vision; I want to keep my options and go with the flow. Is this program right for me?

I am with you. A rigid, antiquated vision is worse than no vision at all.

That is why I decided to offer lifetime access to the program, so you can return whenever you want a new vision.

9. I actually know what I want, but I do not dare to pursue it. Is the program relevant?

Yes. What blocks you from clarifying your vision is the same thing that stops you from going after it. Attachment, fear, and ego. Doing the program work makes you more likely to connect to your inspiring vision and take action.

Also, you might know what you want, but you believe it conflicts with something else you want, for example, safety. During the program, we will work on reconciling your desires to make your next step more apparent.

10. What if I want an impossible vision?

There are two things I want to share with you. If I have done my job right, every one of the participants will think they have an impossible vision in some way. Otherwise, they are being too conservative.

Also, there is no such thing as an impossible authentic vision. If you have a clean and clear desire (not an ego-driven one), it is because you have the power to bring it to life within you.

11. What if I recently made a significant pivot in my life and career? Isn't it too early to look into a new vision?

I have worked with clients in VisionPath who struggled with this question. Asking whether it is too early to pivot if you had a recent change is like asking your GPS why it asks you to turn again when you just turned.

Sometimes, we must make multiple turns to get where we need to go. If you are interested in this program, it means you would like to get more clarity about your own desired path.

The most innovative companies in the world follow the mantra, fail fast. The same principle applies to having a successful life. The sooner we realize something does not work, the better. Or you might discover through the program that your recent change was indeed good, and you can recommit to it with a new energy. Either way, you win.

12. I do not believe in manifestation. Will this program work for me?

This program focuses mostly on clarifying what you want.

It just happens to be that what blocks you from knowing what you want is what blocks you from bringing it to reality (aka, fear, attachment or ego).

That is why our participants not only get a vision but they start living their vision very quickly.

You do not have to believe in the law of attraction to get benefits from the program. There is plenty of research proving that happier people are more successful (you can read The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Anchor).

Most of our participants are surprised by the amount of luck and synchronicities that start coming their way when they embark on this vision work. I invite you to join the program with an open mind to experience the unexpected.

13. Isn't it selfish and self-indulgent to work on your vision?

No, what is selfish is wasting away your unique gifts, passion and talent when you could have a unique impact on the world. What is selfish is losing your life force by following a path that is not your own and depriving your loved ones of your most happy, energized self.

They say in the airplanes that you must put your mask first. It is a cliché but true. And I know I gave some tough love in this answer, but hey, this is your life we are discussing, and I want to squash this limiting belief for good.

14. Young kids or other caring duties limit me from pursuing my vision. Is there a point in doing the program now, or should I wait?

I get it; I have two young kids, too. But this is even more of a reason to tune into and follow my vision, as they will not do what I say but will do as I do. And I want them to follow their dreams like I am.

That said, I have included my ParentPath course as a special bonus for VisionPath to give you the best strategies for being the best parent you can be while also rocking your career and following your dreams.

15. I am afraid if I go through this process, I will disrupt my whole life, and I do not want to; what should I do?

This program is about getting clarity. I will never push you to take a step you are not ready to take. What is more, I do not recommend it. I prefer you to make any changes with a regulated nervous system.

What I have seen happening through the program is that what felt like a big step before has become less scary. Also, many people choose not to make any significant changes but to improve the quality of all areas of their lives.

16. I am thriving in my career and more interested in a personal life vision. Does the program cover that?

Yes, the program has modules for all four key areas: Work, Play, Love and Health.

17. I am not a visual person; how can I work on my vision?

I am not a visual person, either. The program uses writing, coaching, images, and auditory stimuli (lectures and meditations) to support all types of learners and engage different and unique parts of our brains.

18. What is the New Year, New Frontier 3-day workshop in Greece that is included in the program?

It is a 3-day workshop that will happen 10-12 January 2025 in Greece (closest airport ATH). The workshop’s objective is to set up the new year for success.

While in life vision, we do not work with time limits, New Year, New Frontier works within the 1-year timeframe, helping you to land your vision into a practical strategy and plan.

It is one of my most loved processes by clients, and I can’t wait to meet you in Greece for a transformative experience. More details will be revealed to the participants of VisionPath.

Create your new vision!

12 monthly installments of $139
Or pay in full and save!

Enroll in VisionPath today

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