We all want to be free.

We want to do what we want, with whom we want when we want.

There are a few misconceptions about freedom, and I want to dispel them here.

Let’s start by diving deeper into the three levels of freedom.

Level One: Freedom from

First, we want to be free from the things we do not want to do.

For example, savings can free you from doing work you don’t like.

Having a team in your business can do the same.

If you do not like cleaning, you can increase your freedom by having a smaller house or hiring a cleaner.

A common misconception is that more money increases your freedom. This is true only if you shift your mindset from lack to abundance. It does not happen automatically.

Many rich people are still slaves to the things they do not want to do out of fear of losing everything.

A modest lifestyle can increase your freedom from doing things you do not want to do as you will need less money.

Having the courage to say no and trust that you will figure it out will increase your freedom even more.

Level Two: Freedom to do

Many of us confuse freedom with a lack of commitment.

Often, to be free to do what we want, we will willingly enter into some commitment or contract.

I wanted to write a book. My contract with Penguin gave me more freedom to do that.

I want to coach people. Entering a coaching container/contract with clients gives me the freedom to do that.

For example, if you want to go deep into an intimate relationship, maybe some commitment will give you more freedom to pour more of yourself into it.

I used to be a commitment-phobe. Reframing my commitments as something that increases my freedom to do the things I love has made all the difference.

Freedom is not about not having any commitment. It is about choosing the commitments that allow you to do what you love more freely.

Level Three: Freedom to be

I heard a phrase from James Wedmore recently that stopped me in my tracks. It went something like this:

“What you are struggling with points to where you are still not free.”

The freedom to be who you really are: whole, wise, peaceful and content, is the ultimate level of freedom.

Whatever keeps you from being that is your prison.

Do you get upset when your partner is messy? You are still not free.

Do you get frustrated when things do not go your way? You are still not free.

Do you get sad when someone does not like you? You are still not free.

When our desires have a death grip on us, they keep us imprisoned.

The attachment to everything going our way.

The uncontrollable emotions that cause damage.

The addictions to things that harm us.

These are our shackles.

This third level of freedom is the hardest to obtain but the most liberating.

The freedom to be our truest, happiest, wisest, and most loving selves.

The good news is that our struggles are not in vain. They become our best teachers. They point to where the bars of our cage are.

They point to what we need to let go of to become more of who we truly are.

Summing up

Three levels of freedom: freedom from, freedom to do and freedom to be.

Which one are you working on at the moment? Hit reply and let me know.

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