If you are like many of my clients, somewhere deep inside of you, you believe that you cannot have it all: the purpose, the flexibility and the money.

You think you must choose between the three, settle only for two or, even worse, with just one.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth. And let me tell you why.

1. Opportunities are abundant

One of the differences I have noticed between unsuccessful and successful people is that the first group has a scarcity mindset.

They believe there are not enough good opportunities, so they must settle. Not enough good jobs, clients, or money to go around.

Successful people have the opposite problem. They know there are so many opportunities and good ideas that their challenge is to keep their focus.

When you believe that there will always be another job or another client, you are more likely to say no to something that does not align with your values.

Repeat with me: There is an abundance of opportunities.

2. Purpose, flexibility and money are synergistic, not antagonistic

When deeply engaged in meaningful work, you are more likely to excel and attract opportunities for financial growth.

Flexibility enhances your overall motivation and productivity.

The more time you dedicate to hobbies, loved ones and your health, the more energised you will be at your job.

The freer you feel, the more creative and purposeful your work.

Purpose, flexibility and money work together, not against each other.

3. It is possible, and it is possible for you

We often think what we want is impossible because we do not see it around us.

We see this successful leader who works all the time. Or that purposeful entrepreneur who is struggling financially.

First, we need to look for proof that discredits our belief that having it all is impossible.

Are there people who have all three: purpose, flexibility and financial abundance? Of course, there are.

I am one of them. I am not sharing this to brag, but I want you to know what is possible.

I run a multiple 6-figure coaching business, take 12 weeks of holiday a year, and have a 4-day work week. I am so fired up by the purpose of my work that it brings tears of joy to my eyes.

I help people clarify what they want so that they build success on their terms – what I am doing now. I know, so meta:-)

When you see what is possible, the little ego voice might start telling you that this is possible for others but not for you. That is a lie.

We are competent creators. We create what we pursue. And we pursue what we believe is possible.

What separates the people who have it all and those who don’t is that the first group claimed it all. They saw it as their birthright. They took it as a given and went after it.

4. You need to build success on your term

My definition of success is not the same as yours and not the same as the people you see around you.

Maybe that seemingly overworked leader lives a perfectly balanced life for them. Or the financially struggling entrepreneur has the money they want.

Or, they have a limited mindset, and you should not use them as a benchmark for what you can and should pursue.  

You need to create your own definition of success, your vision. What is purposeful work to you? How much freedom, flexibility and autonomy do you want? What is an abundant life in your book?

What others have or don’t have is irrelevant. What do YOU want to create?


You can have it all. You deserve it all. If you want it, it is possible for you. You were born to be happy and creatively expressed. You can do fun and meaningful things with a sense of freedom.

It might require some rewiring. It will definitely require some courage and self-love.

But the more you have what you want, the more you can share with the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

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