You want to express your ideas and have an impact. You have a voice that inspires and helps people. You want it to reach even more, whether through social media, a blog, a newsletter or even a book.

ThoughtLeader is an online course with Caterina Kostoula covering:

  • How do I find my unique writing voice to amplify my impact?
  • How do I choose what to write about and where to share my ideas so that writing is an effortless and fun process?
  • How do I improve the quality and consistency of my output so that I build my authority?
  • How do I expand the reach of my writing so that I make more of a difference?
Yes, I want ThoughtLeader

What is included

I have been writing on social media since 2016. My writing attracted a book contract with Penguin, a TEDx talk invitation, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business for my coaching company. In Thought Leader you will receive:

  • Module 1: Mindset shifts to release any fears holding you back from sharing your ideas with the world.
  • Module 2: How to choose what and where to write so that sharing your thoughts becomes a fun and effortless process.
  • Module 3: How to improve the quality & consistency of your output to build authority and impact.
  • Module 4: How to expand the reach of your writing so that your great ideas make even more of a difference to the world.
  • 2 Q&A call audio recordings where you will see me coaching fellow thought leaders on unleashing their ideas in the world.
  • You get lifetime access to the course (as long as the course exists).

That’s not all!

  • Bonus 1: 20 writing prompts with examples of my most popular social media posts to give you inspiration.
  • Bonus 2: A list of my favourite tech tools that support my content creation process

The course was filmed with a live cohort to ensure it answered the key questions that come up when you want to make more of a difference with your writing. You get to enjoy the recordings and resources on-demand at your own pace.

Yes, I want ThoughtLeader

My writing has been featured on Forbes, FastCompany, ThriveGlobal and HuffPost among others. Received 1.2 million impressions on LinkedIn alone in 2022.

Most importantly, my writing touched people. From giving them the nudge they needed to leave their unfulfilling job to providing them with hope through a tough situation, I frequently receive thank you notes for my free content.

Until now, I only shared my knowledge in this area with private coaching clients. I decided to put a program together to teach all I know about how to have an impact through your writing.

How to share your message so that it inspires change.

Welcome to Thought Leader.

Caterina Kostoula


  • Thought Leader Investment: Just two instalments of $80 & VAT. Save $10 if you pay in full.
  • Ready to expand your impact through your writing?
Yes, I am in!