Are you at a point where you want to step back and design your vision for your life, career, or business?

I have coached hundreds of leaders on designing an inspiring vision, and here are the most common mistakes I see.

1. Do not have a vision at all

There is so much evidence about the power of visualization on results and performance! I do not think I have read an autobiography of a successful person who did not have a vision of greatness way before becoming successful.

An authentic life vision can save you years of working on the wrong things. It will help you recognize the right opportunities that align with your goals. And most importantly, it will ensure you live the life you want instead of the one expected of you.

2. Have a vision that looks good but is not what you really want

Often we have a vision that is not even ours. Maybe it is our parents’ expectations. Maybe it is the next logical step in the corporate ladder we are climbing.

Maybe it is what we saw on an ad and were convinced that this is what success looks like. Or what we think will impress our classmates in the next school reunion.

Unless we follow joy with our vision, it is unlikely to work as we expect it to.

3. Focusing too much on having and doing versus being

An inspiring vision starts with how you want to feel. For most of us, it is joy, peace, love, wholeness, and inspiration. We want to jump out of bed in the morning excited about the day ahead. We want to feel alive.

Often we see celebrities achieve everything they ever wanted and still be miserable. How we feel and who we are need to be at the heart of the vision ahead of things we do or have.

4. Have a vision that is too rigid

A vision that is too rigid can lock us out of flow. You should not aspire to be committed to your vision but committed to being in flow. As long as you are in flow, you will end up in great places and enjoy the ride.

Your vision will evolve as you evolve. And there will be times that your vision is not clear because you are simply evolving at a lightning speed. Accept and embrace those times. In hindsight they will be the most creative times of your life as something new will emerge on the other side.

5. Have a vision that is too small and predictable

Many people confuse vision with strategy. Your vision should be inspirational and allow for co-creation with the rest of the world. If you know exactly how to achieve your vision, you are not thinking big enough.

Which of the five mistakes resonated?

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