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In this course I share my best strategies to achieve those goals.

We spend decades learning how to do our job, yet we are never taught how to be good parents and balance work and parenting. We deserve better. Our kids deserve better.

As parents, our job is simple but not easy:

  1. To love our children unconditionally and show it to them.
  2. To be the person we want to model for them: happy and fulfilled.

We want to be extraordinary at both parenting and work. We don’t want to end up successful professionally but estranged from our kids.

Nor resentful because we sacrificed our dreams for their sake.

Yes, I want the ParentPath course

Meet Your Coach, Caterina Kostoula

Hi, I am Caterina, an executive coach and founder of The Leaderpath®. My strong vision landed me a job at Google, a publishing contract with Penguin, a thriving coaching business, a Sabbatical in a tropical island with my husband and two kids and the list goes on.

I have coached hundreds of leaders to define their vision. Clients include from big companies like Google and Vodafone to several leading startups. My work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Thrive Global and Huffpost.

I can’t wait to support you build an inspiring, strong life vision too. 

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