Enable Your Team to Perform at their Highest Level

Move from a group of individuals focusing on their own area of work to a strong and powerful team who all share one vision and purpose.

Enable Your Team to Perform at their Highest Level

Move from a group of individuals focusing on their own area of work to a strong and powerful team who all share one vision and purpose.

The TeamPath Solution: The 4D Framework™

What is Included in TeamPath

Team-member Survey

so that everyone gets the opportunity to input to the team coaching agenda.

Meetings with the team leader

before and after every team coaching session to support them in shaping and leveraging sessions.

Bonus Access to all LeaderPath courses and programs

for all your team members for a year. These include
Thought Leader: Make a difference with your writing,
ParentPath: Raise happy kids while rocking your career,
VisionPath: Clarify your life, career and business vision,
New Year, New Frontier: Set up your year for success.

Optional 1:1 Coaching LeaderDays

for the team leader to strengthen clarity, leadership and wellbeing.

4 x Days

team coaching to strengthen the team as they pursue their common purpose (in-person). This is structured in two 2-day offsites. If you would like virtual team coaching, we suggest 8 x 3-hour sessions instead. Depending the size of your team, one or two team coaches are required.

Bespoke Design

for your team coaching workshops to make sure your objectives are met.

Team Genius

online course licences for all team members, so that everyone learns what makes a high-performing team.

8 Team Members or Less.

TeamPath investment is $35,000.

One TeamPath team coach required.

More than 8 Team Members.

TeamPath investment is $55,000

Two TeamPath team coaches required.

After the completion of the TeamPath your team will:

Have a shared mobilising purpose

and a clear vision of success to steer your company in a profitable direction for future growth instead of people pursuing their own individual goals.

Make better decisions

through honest discussions and collaboration.

Develop a stronger sense of belonging and pride

in your company and the direction it is headed, increasing your team’s performance and retention for business stability.

Operate in a more safe, inclusive culture

that boosts creativity and innovation instead of people holding back their ideas or unique views.

Improve execution

through mutual commitment and accountability instead of waiting for the boss to chase after the implementation.

The TeamPath Program is suitable for:

A newly-formed team who wants to be intentional about their team culture so that they can perform at their highest level right from the start.

A growing team who needs to maintain team cohesion to successfully face its ever-growing challenges and aspirations.

A team where the leader wants to empower it instead of being the connection point and sometimes the bottleneck.

A team that wants to learn to deal with conflict productively and re-emerge from it stronger.

Cross-functional teams where it's critical to work towards common goals rather than being a group of individuals.

A team that has been operating under extreme pressure and will benefit from taking a step back to regroup and recommit to their common purpose.

The TeamPath program is NOT suitable for:

Teams not performing well due to a lack of technical expertise. Technical training is recommended first before commencing TeamPath.

Teams whose members do not need to collaborate with one another, they can operate as a group of individuals rather than a team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting my team members out of work for the team coaching sessions is a big investment. Will it be worth it?

We understand the biggest cost of a team coaching project is often the time required of the team members. That is why we invest a lot of time prior to getting everyone in the room, preparing, and creating a bespoke journey that will drive results. The team members and the leader are interviewed individually. The sessions are designed according to their needs rather than a cookie-cutter approach. 

Resolving critical work challenges during the sessions is one of the key focuses. These sessions are not a time-out from work, they are advancing the work. By creating more alignment you will save a lot of time and money from wrong decisions, conflict, losing valuable team members to other companies, endless back-and-forth communication, or non-communication. Our clients repeatedly tell us that team coaching was one of the best investments they made in their business.

How often do you have the team coaching sessions?

We have the first two team coaching sessions in two consecutive days. We aim to finish at about 16:00 so that you can do a fun activity after the first day of team coaching. We recommend having the third and the fourth team coaching sessions within 3-6 months after the first two.

Are the team coaching sessions virtual or in-person?

They can be either. Our team coaches are experts in coaching virtually, and they can deliver the same results no matter the location. It is simply a matter of preference for you and your team. If you decide to have the sessions in person, we will ask you to book a space away from your office (it works a lot better) and also finance the coaches’ travel expenses.

Why do I need two team coaches if my team is more than 8 people?

We want to ensure that your team coaching program is a success. Research has shown that meeting size is negatively related to attendee involvement. It is more stressful to speak up in front of a big group, so participants’ don’t. They become more guarded and less forthcoming. Bain Consultancy found that you lose 10 per cent of decision-making efficiency for every attendee you have in your meeting above seven. 

During the TeamPath program, we overcome these challenges by having two team coaches who can observe the more complex team dynamics and raise the awareness of the team regarding those. They can encourage interaction, and facilitate smaller breakout sessions. 

The coaches have the possibility to swap roles between practically guiding process and technology to active team observation and coaching. The dyad of coaches works as a team in all phases, which results into a robust in-depth understanding of the team and its needs. It’s a multiplier, because the coaches themselves bounce back to each other. The dyad of coaches is constructed of different coaching styles each adding unique value to the team.

What team coaching tools and methodologies do you use?

At The Leaderpath, we have the 4D Framework which you can find in Caterina Kostoula’s book “Hold Successful Meetings – Penguin Business Expert Series. Our team coaching is also informed by other models, including the 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team by Patrick Lencioni, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), Amy Edmondson’s psychological safety, and more. All our team coaches are accredited by the International Coaching Federation at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level or have a postgraduate degree in coaching. 

During the sessions, we will take the weight off your shoulders for a few days. You do not need to worry about facilitation, our experienced team coaches will guide the process, so you can unlock the insights and make progress towards your team goals.

We have tried several team-building activities in the past, how is team coaching different?

Team-building activities are good to have some fun outside the day-to-day, but they rarely transform the relationships between the team members and the dynamic among the team. To achieve that, you need some honest conversations.  Also, often you return to the office more stressed as the work has piled up. This is not the case with our team coaching sessions as the teams actually solve long-standing issues during the sessions. They also feel stronger to face challenges and make difficult decisions once they are back at their desk.

I am looking for a different structure for the program more or fewer days. Is this possible?

Of course, TeamPath is a bespoke solution to the needs of your team, so we are happy to expand or shrink the program according to your needs. We do recommend though at least two days to start with so that you and your team have the time and the feeling of spaciousness to have some honest conversations that create big value for the organization.

The lonely genius is a myth. A team of committed team members can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.