Your vision is so big that you cannot achieve it alone.

You want a powerful team around you that can create magic.
Something extraordinary happens when diverse, passionate people come together to work towards a common purpose. We tap to a higher form of intelligence that each of us could not have accessed individually. The whole becomes bigger than the sum of its parts.

“Never Doubt That A Small Group Of Thoughtful Committed Citizens Can Change The World: Indeed It’s The Only Thing That Ever Has.” Margaret Mead.

With Team Genius you will be able to

Define the right goals

to work on with your team.

Tap into your team’s creativity

so that you can break new ground and dream up innovative solutions.

Create an inclusive and psychologically safe environment

so that people can bring all their talents to work and develop a true sense of belonging.

Manage conflict productively

and make decisions with your team without bias.


effectively and get things done.

Reduce wasteful meetings

and make the most of the meetings you do have.

Team Genius has 4 Modules aligned with my 4D Framework™

Define the problem or the goal

Develop Ideas

Decide the way forward

Do what we decided

To achieve any goal with our team, we need to go through those 4 stages successfully.
Team Genius teaches you how to do that.

Included in Team Genius

4 Modules with video-lessons, exercises and articles to learn

the practical tips to tapping into your team’s genius throughout the 4 stages of creation: Define, Develop, Decide and Do.

Multiple scripts, checklists and toolkits

to help you facilitate your team conversations effectively.

Bonus Exclusive interviews with world-class experts:
  • “How to Have Difficult Conversations in your Team” by Professor David Clutterbuck.
  • “How to Identify your Team’s Purpose” by Professor Peter Hawkins.
  • “How to Unleash the Creativity of your Team” by Google’s Global Head of Creativity Development Kirk Vallis.
  • “How to Get your First 10 Hires Right” by Recruitment Agency CEO, Alan Furley. 
  • “How to Deal With Strategic Tensions in Your Team” by Professor Wendy K Smith.

How did this course come about

Team Genius brings my team coaching and facilitation expertise as well as many learnings from my career at Google to team leaders. It also includes the most practical strategies from my best-selling book Hold Successful Meetings.

Of course, I also tapped into the team genius for the creation of this course.

I partnered with world-class instructional designer Janie Vu who has built courses for Harvard among others to help me bring this vision to life. 

I also interviewed some of the world’s best minds in team development, including professor David Clutterbuck and professor Peter Hawkins and included the recordings of these interviews in this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course was created with the busy leader in mind. You can watch all the bite-sized video lessons in about 90-minutes and have the core practical tools and strategies to lead your team to greatness.

The bonus interviews with the experts are podcast style, and they are 25-45 minutes each.

If you want to delve into the modules further, exercises, articles and downloadable resources are available for you to explore.

We aim to cut the fluff and share only insightful, practical information with you.

Absolutely. You can upgrade to LeaderDay for 1:1 coaching or TeamPath for team coaching.

We can also create a bespoke program for your company that includes the Team Genius course along with group coaching or live training. For more information, please email [email protected]

You will get access to the program all at once and you can take it at your own pace.

Whenever you are ready. Simply buy the program and you will get immediate access to everything it includes.

You will have access to the course for as long as it exists.

Tap into collective intelligence through leadership and collaboration.