What was a dream-come-true a year ago can be your golden cage today.

That’s why I work on vision so often.

It is not about creating a vision for my future.

It is about gaining clarity about who I am right now.

When you grow and evolve fast, your awareness and environment are playing catch up.

So you need to pause and intentionally bring them up to speed.

Ask the important questions.

  • How do I stay in flow?
  • What type of work do I want to do going forward?
  • What do my ideal day, week, and year look like now?

Creating a life or business vision is often overwhelming for people.

Making it about the now is one of the best ways to increase its impact and usefulness.

It is not about this big, faraway thing in the future that you need to commit to. That would be another cage.

Vision exploration can be fun and exciting, but it is not for the light-hearted.

It will require you to face your limiting beliefs.

Issues of worthiness, ego, fear of failure, and discomfort with uncertainty will come up.

That’s why I created a safe “thought experiment” environment with coaching, guidance and peer support to do this work.

I used visioning when I was jobless, broke and sleeping on a sofa.

It helped me land a dream job at Google.

I am about to embark again on a 6-week visioning journey with a small group of clients.

And it feels the opposite of urgent. It feels luxurious.

It feels luxurious to take a moment to reconnect with yourself, your inner wisdom and bliss.

Removing the layers keeping your light from shining as bright as it could be.

Do what feels aligned with your truth.

Not what others expect of you. Not what you think is possible.

But what the wisest and most powerful part of yourself wants to unleash.

VisionPath starts on Monday, 31st October. Fourteen people have signed up already. I took some time off this week to prepare myself to embark on this journey back home to ourselves.

And I read a story by Tony de Mello that best represents what this vision work is about for me:

“Which one is better, meditation or action?” asked the student, the master.

“What’s better is Seeing,” said the master.

“Seeing what?” asked the student.

“Seeing that the necklace you want is already hanging from your neck and the snakes you are afraid of around your feet are nothing but ropes.”

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