Petros Oratis, MSc, PhD Candidate

Petros Oratis is an executive coach and psycho-social researcher on leadership.
His core belief when coaching Leaders and Teams is that we all have capacity to grow faster, than our challenges, if we create the right conditions for it.
Over the past years he has coached leaders and teams in organizations like Netflix, Philips, IKEA, adidas, Heineken, Tommy Hilfiger, GroupM, Criteo, EndemolShine. Before becoming a coach, he spent 12 years in HR leadership roles in corporate organizations like Nike and Philips.
Petros teaches unconscious group dynamics in various academic and coaching development programs. His academic and field research focuses on the Dynamics of Lateral Collaboration. It has uncovered the deep psychological and social root-causes, that bind us to operate within the hierarchical structures and has pioneered the conditions that foster lateral collaboration in senior executive teams.

• Doctoral candidate on Organizational Dynamics with research focus: “The Dynamics of Lateral Collaboration in Senior Leadership Teams” (University of Essex)
• Executive Masters on Systems-Psychodynamic coaching (Utrecht University)

“Petros has a sharp eye for group dynamics, delivering such awareness that directly impacts the performance leaders and leadership teams.” – Liesbeth de Kruif, Global Deputy People & Culture, IKEA Group