Parent Path

Raise Happy Children
While Rocking Your Career
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  • How do you create an extraordinary relationship with your child?
  • How do you nurture your kids’ self-esteem and unshakeable inner strength?
  • How do you empower the sibling bond?
  • How do you integrate your own dreams with being an excellent parent?

A life-changing course by Caterina Kostoula

Yes, I want ParentPath

Enjoy a fulfiling relationship with your kids and an impactful career

We spend decades learning how to do our job, yet we are never taught how to be good parents and balance work and parenting. We deserve better. Our kids deserve better.

As parents, our job is simple but not easy:

  1. To love our children unconditionally and show it to them.
  2. To be the person we want to model for them: happy and fulfilled.

We want to be extraordinary at both parenting and work. We don’t want to end up successful professionally but estranged from our kids.

Nor resentful because we sacrificed our dreams for their sake.

Yes, I want ParentPath

We do not have to choose between parenting and professional success. We can excel in both. What’s more, the better we are in parenting, the more successful we become as leaders. I have learned so much during my last eight years as a parent and an executive coach. I now feel a calling to share it with other ambitious parents.

Many of the strategies I share here were not obvious to me before I discovered them. They are not commonly taught. They are not the way most of us were raised. But, they made a massive difference in the quality of my relationship with my children and our mutual thriving. It has also benefited many of my executive coaching clients. I can’t wait to share them with you.

With love,

Caterina Kostoula

  • 17 audio-lessons by Caterina Kostoula to access valuable principles and strategies to excel in parenting while rocking your career. Around 3 hours of content you can consume while walking or doing other things.
  • 1-hour Q&A video
  • Transcripts of all the lessons.
  • Reflection exercises to implement and embody the lessons.
  • Links to articles and additional reading to go deeper if you want.
  • Lifetime access – this is a course you will keep coming back as your kids get older.
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