My no-meeting policy

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This is the one decision that removes the need to make many smaller decisions. I do not accept meetings, virtual coffees, or catch-ups outside of my paid coaching sessions.

Nothing personal. I am honoured you reached out and wanted to connect.

I am sure you are great and that I am probably missing out on a great connection.

It is simply the tradeoff I have to make so that I can have the spaciousness in my calendar I desire.

Between us, I wrote Hold Successful Meetings because I dislike most meetings, lol.

So, what are the options?

  • Follow my daily posts on LinkedIn & Instagram. I tend to reply to most comments, so we can probably have a conversation there.
  • Tune into my free bi-weekly The LeaderPath Show on LinkedIn & YouTube.
  • Read one of the hundred articles on my free blog.
  • Binge-watch my free YouTube channel. There is a free masterclass section.
  • Search for my name on your favourite podcast platform to listen to my podcast interviews.
  • You can book a paid coaching/mentoring session (LeaderSpark) or a LeaderDay.
  • Also, I keep downloading my brain into courses. So you might want to check those out:

Also, feel free to send me your questions. I might try to answer them in one of my newsletters or shows. I hope one of those resources will be helpful.

Thank you for reaching out and for being a part of my online community.

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