We live hectic lives. Most of us sit in unnatural positions most of the day, barely moving. We are bombarded by information, a lot of it designed to startle us or make us worried so that we pay attention. Many of us are disconnected from nature and our “village.”

Our hormones get unbalanced as we mess up with our natural rhythms. Toxins are in our food, our cleaning products, and even the air we breathe.

Unless we are intentional about restoring our balance and wellbeing, we soon start seeing negative consequences in our health and performance.

In this post, I wanted to share my favourite apps for that purpose. Here we go.

Journaling/organizing thoughts

750words.com. According to the book The Artist’s Way, writing three pages every morning, around 750 words, releases your creativity. The idea is that you write stream of consciousness, clear up all your mental clutter, and allow your thoughts to flow.

I feel more comfortable typing than writing, so I was pleased when I found 750words.com.

It is a journal that counts your words. It keeps everything private and keeps my streak with how many days I journaled in a row and how many days I surpassed the 750 words. The only issue is that it is set on PST, so the day changes at 8:00 am in the morning for me. If you would like to come up with more ideas, try writing three pages in your journal, or if you prefer to type like me, try 750words.com. It is a paid app.

5-minute journal. This app has three simple questions to answer in the morning, which have been proven scientifically to make you happier. What are you grateful for, what can you do to make your day great, and affirmations. I use this in addition to 750words most days, as it only takes a couple of minutes, and it helps me start my day in a positive, intentional way. Paid app.

TodoistI use this to capture ideas on the go for content I want to produce or my business. Free.

Trello. I use this to collaborate with my team members. Free.


The tapping solution. I discovered tapping recently, and I love it. The tapping helps relax your nervous system, and it is quite pleasurable, making the whole meditation experience a lot more appetizing. This week they dropped two tapping meditations by Tony Robbins, which are fantastic too.

Tapping is also called the emotional freedom technique, and it includes tapping certain parts of your face and body while saying certain words that the meditation consists of. It is effective in letting go of tension. Paid.

Insight TimerIt has a vast collection of free meditations, and you can upgrade for the courses. I love everything by Sarah Blondin. My definition of self-nurturing is a warm bath with a Sarah Blondin meditation. Free.


Blinkist. I started listening to book summaries instead of podcasts during my walks, and I love it. I can get a taster from so many books and if I am interested, buy the whole book. Paid app.

Kindle. I love to read before I go to sleep and after I wake up. My kindle is my favourite device ever. If you love reading, it is worth investing in a paperwhite Kindle device rather than using the app so that you do not have the intense backlight of your phone or tablet that will mess with your sleep.

Medium. This is a blogging platform. I pay the subscription, and I am a writer too. I find the content better quality than most social media, so it will be my go-to platform if I want to consume some light-hearted content. Free for five articles/month and then paid.


Caffeine for the soul by Michael Neill is one of my favourites. Also, Tara Brach. Free.


Urban. It has been called the Uber of massages. I often use the app to book a massage therapist to come to my home while the kids are at school. I love that I don’t have to get out of the house after the massage. Check whether you have something similar in your city.

Weekly organic fruit and veggie box. I dislike shopping of any kind, and I dislike thinking about shopping. This box does the thinking for me as it sends me seasonal fruit and vegetables, ensuring we eat seasonal, organic, and local without having to think about it. I use Abel and Cole in the UK, check for a similar service in your city.

CalendlyThis app manages my calendar, and it protects my wellbeing. I have set up rules about my working hours, and I allow specific meetings only on certain days of the week. It has rules not to book back-to-back meetings; I always have 15 minutes from one meeting to the other. It has rules that I cannot have more than a certain number of coaching sessions per day. And for specific meetings, Calendly automatically sends a follow-up email. I love this app. Paid.

Trampoline. I add this here even if it is not an app, as it is a hell of a life hack. I like hopping on the trampoline before and after an important meeting. Before, I do it to raise my energy and after because I want to burn the excess energy and relax.

OK, this is it. I have no affiliate partnerships with any of the above, and my recommendations are unbiased. I would love to hear your favourite apps for inspiration and wellbeing.

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