Hold Successful Meetings

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Written By Caterina Kostoula

Meetings allow us to bring people together to inspire each other, solve problems and make a difference. Yet, we all spend too much time in dull, frustrating meetings where little is achieved and even less is followed up on afterwards. In Hold Successful Meetings, executive coach and former Google leader Caterina Kostoula will change all this. Thanks to Caterina’s unique framework, you’ll learn how to engage, inspire, and achieve more, by doing less.

About The Book

Meetings are a way to bring teams together, to help inspire people, to help solve problems, and ultimately make a difference within a company. Despite their intention, too many of us spend hours in what can only be described as dull, lacklustre meetings that achieve little else but frustration. Caterina Kostoula, executive coach and former Google leader, intends to change this through her unique framework found in her latest publication, Hold Successful Meetings.

You’ll learn how to hold fewer, more productive meetings that aren’t just enjoyed, but achieve their intended purpose. With this unique framework at your hands, you’ll make a real difference in both your own working life and those of others.

Whether you’re holding virtual or in-person meetings, you’ll leave people inspired and ready to make an impact thanks to the value you will create together.

The Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect by utilising this unique and impactful framework.

Learn To Hold Fewer Meetings That Have More Impact

Cultivate A Creative & Inclusive Environment

Engage Participants, Leaving Them Inspired & Ready To Take Action

A Message from The Author

The first email I received from Larry Page when he became Google’s CEO in 2011 was not about the company’s vision or strategy. It was about the company’s meetings. He knew how damaging bad meetings could be to a company’s performance, and he wanted to warn his employees about them. I was a Google business leader at the time and despite Page’s warnings, I soon found myself suffering from “internal” meeting fatigue. 

When I launched my coaching company The Leaderpath®, I found out that my coaching clients also suffered from too many ineffective, miserable meetings. But, they loved their team coaching sessions. Could I bring the tools I used throughout my years in sales and coaching into the hands of every manager who holds day-day meetings? I got myself to work. 

This book captures the solution that has transformed many of my clients’ meetings from grinding to fulfilling and enjoyable. My hope is that you use the frameworks and strategies in this book to change the world, one successful meeting at a time.


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20 scripts

to use when faced with the most common awkward meeting situations, to keep your meeting flowing and not offend anyone.

Bonus chapter with the 3 key features

you must address before your meeting, if you want to set yourself up for success and avoid the feeling of frustration and boredom from your team members.

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