I binged watched the “Daisy Jones and the Six” TV show this week.

What I loved about it was the way it depicted the songwriting process.

To write a great song, you need to access the truest parts of you. Often the parts you least want to share.

It is the same with great comedy or literature. There is a sense of recognition that makes the art extraordinary.

The nature of genius

“Genius is unleashing your demons in a cage,” said John Grinder, the co-founder of NLP.

If you unleash your demons on the world, you are a mad person. But if you unleash them in a cage, you are a genius.

This cage can be your art. And everything can be art, from content to software to business.

Funny enough, the ancient Greek word “demon” is synonymous with the Latin word “genius.”

Most of us are afraid of our demons/genius, and we push them back. We put blocks of fear and excuses that do not allow us to create.

What if we chose the cage where we can let our genius come out and play free and wild?

We love watching geniuses in action, even if they are fictional, like Daisy Jones and The Six. They help us recognise our true selves.

Reconnecting with the artist within

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist,” said Picasso.

An artist creates something out of nothing. As an artist, you allow the inspiration to come out through you into the world.

From my experience, the more you allow this process to happen in flow, the more impactful the art.

We were all born artists. At some point, we were told to suppress it. Grow up and follow the rules.

As a result, we got stuck in boring jobs and boring businesses. We gave away our freedom to play and create.

Reconnecting to our artistic nature is the best way I know to fall in love with what we do again.

The power of the artist

Naval Ravikant said that software and media are the only permissionless ways to gain leverage today. They can scale indefinitely.

Both require creativity. If you are not a coder, you can create media.

In the past, the power was with the church and the kings. Then the politicians and the corporations.

In this new era, we see single people able to create significant changes in society through their media and message.

Shonda Rhimes created more change towards LGBT rights in the US than many politicians. She was one of the first creators to depict rounded LGBT characters in her shows.

Oprah or Tim Ferris can move a product off the shelves faster than tons of advertising.

When you speak, and people listen, you have power. Power to change things for the better.

When people know what you can do, you have power. Power to choose the spaces you want to be in.

Once upon a time, you had to wait for someone to discover you and choose you so that you could share your work with the world.

Not anymore. It is up to you to show up.

It is up to you to be the Artist, the Creative, and the Thought Leader.

Call to action

How can you infuse more art into what you do? How can you stop suppressing your genius? What is the cage to let your demons loose?

Finally, how can you claim the truth:

Your work is art, and your art matters.

Take care,


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