In this newsletter, I will share how I learned to be grateful even for the tough stuff.

Being Grateful For the Tough Stuff

The number one habit that helps you be happier is gratitude.

It is easy to feel grateful for the good stuff. The sun and the trees, the ocean and the comedy shows. Our bodies and our warm beds. Our friends and the kindness of strangers.

But it takes work to be thankful for the tough stuff.

Here are some tough stuff I learnt to be grateful:

  • For getting triggered by someone’s behaviour. This shows you where you need to do more inner work. When there is no inner work to be done, we usually feel compassion when someone acts misguidedly. But when our reaction is disproportionately explosive, bingo! Our internal baggage just became apparent and we can work with it.
  • For someone deciding to walk away – a friend, a client or an employee. This creates space for new people to come in, more aligned with your vision. Send them love and light and let them go!
  • For feeling physical discomfort. Physical pain is the messenger about something being out of alignment in our bodies. Be grateful for the messenger, as now you can look deeper into what’s wrong and fix it before it becomes worse.
  • For an effort not having the expected results. Isn’t it a luxury to test things, learn what works and what doesn’t and try again with new wisdom? Failure can often be a signal that we are on the wrong path. Or a protective shield until we are ready for more exposure and a bigger stage. In any case, it is always full of learning.
  • For getting old. As Melanie Ann Layer says, it is a privilege denied to many.

Today, let’s remember to be grateful for both the easy and the tough stuff.

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