I heard a story of a famous tailor in India named Hamsa-Ji in my yoga class this week.

One day, Hamsa-Ji was in a hurry to close his shop when a customer walking tall came into the store to buy a suit.

He wanted to have the suit right away as he needed to wear it for a special occasion that very evening.

Hamsa-Ji pulled out a suit and gave it to the man to try it on.

The man quickly slipped into the suit and stood in front of the mirror and the tailor.

The right leg and the left arm of the suit were too long, so he asked the tailor to fix them. It was late, and Hamsa-Ji had no time.

“The problem is all in your posture!” said the tailor.

“Drop your left shoulder. Good. Now, raise your right hip when you walk. Now look at the mirror, my dear sir. Does the suit fit now?”

The man smiled at his contorted figure in the mirror. The suit was now the perfect fit, so he happily paid Hamsa-Ji and left the store in his new suit and new posture.

A few neighbouring shopkeepers were chatting on the street when he left. “Brother, look at that poor disabled man”, one commented.”Only Hamsa-Ji, the great tailor, could fit a man like that.”

Society will try to do to us what tailor Hamsa-Ji did to his customer.

Convince us to contort ourselves to fit roles and stereotypes that do not suit us. Just like the client tried to fit into a bad-for-him suit.

The common expectations are to work harder without meaning, buy more things, compete with others, and be unhealthy.

Unfulfilled people do not question the suit; they assume that if it does not fit, there must be something wrong with them.

They do not question the system, whether it is education, work or health. They blindly follow other people’s norms and expectations.

The same week I heard the Hamsa-Ji story, I slept in the wrong position and woke up with a sore and stiff neck.

It occurred to me that many unfulfilled people feel pain because they “slept” in the wrong position for too long.

A past client described my vision work as a deep tissue massage, which is not always pleasant as we knit out the knots and tension stored for years.

Next time you feel discomfort or pain, it is worth asking whether you have been contorting yourself into the wrong position in any area of your life.

Did you change yourself to fit the suit?

If so, it is time to move. And maybe have a massage;-)

Stillness and silence to tune into your inner wisdom. Surrounding yourself with people who will tell you the truth and challenge your frigid thinking.

Our souls are screaming to be unleashed and be creatively expressed.

It is time to listen.

Take care,


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