There is a simple shift that changes everything.

It is internal, but the world around us will rearrange itself to accommodate this shift.

It is the shift from lack to abundance.

It is the feeling that there is nowhere else we have to go.

We can enjoy being here. No need to come up with a breakthrough or a piece of wisdom. We can simply be.

After that shift, every trip or creation we decide to embark on comes from a place of “more.” More than is needed. More than is required. More than enough.

Our driver is not a “should” or a “need.” We do things because we “want to” and because “it feels like fun.”

To shift from lack to abundance, we need to let go of ego and fear.

They were misleading guides anyway. We thought they were leading us to success and safety, but we were wrong.

They were leading us to burnout and boredom.


“So what if what I want is ego-driven?” someone asked me in one of my talks. The promotions, the awards, the accolades. “It is what I really want.”

External validation is not what we “really” want. It is what we think we need to feel worthy.

The problem is that no accolades and achievements will ever make us feel worthy if we do not feel it already.

They will never be enough. There is always going to be the next, ever-elusive milestone.

As long as we are driven by our ego, we will never feel abundant.


My 5-year-old son learned recently to play chess, and he wants to play all the time.

He knows that if I capture his king, he loses. So he does not move the pawns standing in front of his king, trying to protect him.

The problem is that these pawns keep his king trapped without a route of escape when I attack him. I know, I am a tough-love parent sometimes 🙂

Many of us choose my son’s strategy with our careers and businesses.

We play defence, and we get trapped. The best result we can hope for is a draw.

Fear is not necessary for the 99.9% of our life. We can buy insurance without feeling afraid. And we can handle a lot more things that we think we are capable of.

Fear makes us ignore our inner voice. When it whispers that something is out of alignment. That we are not spending our life force in the best way for us.

We try to ignore that voice because our fearful mind convinces us that what we are doing is the safe option.

We want to be safe. Safe from downscaling our lifestyle. Safe from rejection and disappointment. Safe from humiliation (here is where ego and fear work together to keep us unhappy).

But the riskiest strategy is not taking any risk at all.

The most likely regrets we will ever have are for the things we did not do. 

The whispers we ignored for so long often become screams. And what we were trying so hard to avoid comes knocking on our door. We tend to attract what we focus on and a fearful person focuses on negative outcomes.

Even if our fears do not materialize, blandness and boredom will most probably will. There is a cost in pursuing a “safe” life.


So if ego and fear are not the best guides, what is? Joy. Feeling good.

We thought we needed to acquire success and safety before we allow ourselves to have joy, but it works the opposite way.

Joy brings success and safety. Because opportunities are attracted to happy people.

And joy is so readily available if only we were available for it.

There is so much beauty and love around us that it is breathtaking.

Once we let go of our inner pressure, we can focus on creating magical moments.

Breathing in the aroma of the spring.

Watching the sunset.

Dancing with our kids.

Laughing with our friends.

Kissing our partner.

Unleashing our creativity at work.

Giving a gift.

As we peel off the layers of clutter. As we listen to our inner child who wants to play and cuddle and feel good.

And what do we do when life is hard, you ask? Feel the feelings. Do what we need to do. Breath in and breath out. And when we are ready, we start noticing the beauty again. Let joy ruin our sadness. And slowly, but surely, we move ourselves back to abundance.

We heal our bodies. We unleash our spirit. We access a power we never thought possible.

And the world around us rearranges itself to accommodate our new self.

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