Become a World-Class Leader with Strength, Clarity, and Purpose

‘Best advice I ever got: Hire a coach’  Eric Schmidt

Have you attained a certain level of success, but you want to know how to shape your journey to achieve higher goals? Are you a senior leader in your organization or an entrepreneur? Do you want to take your company to the next level or make a 180-degree pivot? Is your desire to create more impact, balance, passion, and purpose? 

Do you want to be known and respected as the leader to follow in your field? 

Two challenges can stand in your way. Being overwhelmed or disconnected.

The ExecutivePath Solution

World-Class Leaders Constantly Learn and Refine Their Skills to Amplify Their Positive Impact.

Define your inspiring vision

Build a strong team to support you

Overcome limiting assumptions that hold you back

ExecutivePath clients report that they:

Celebrated the next milestone faster than expected

whether this was a promotion or a new business goal

Their teams noticed the difference

in them being a more effective leader

They felt new energy and passion

as they defined their mobilising vision with clarity.

PWC found Executive Coaching ROI to be  seven times the initial investment.

No other investment in professional development has a self-reported client ROI of 700%.

Coaching can help you explore who you are and what you want. Together, we can brainstorm your ideas and goals to map out your end game. We can design experiments to test our ideas out in the world and use real feedback to direct you on the correct path.

What is included in the ExecutivePath

18 hours of executive coaching

to build clarity and leadership skills

Hold Successful Meetings Online Course

(individually priced at £399)

1-year Masterclass Subscription

to learn from the best in the world negotiation, communication, mindfulness, and more

Clifton-Strengths Top5 Report

so you can identify your strengths and use them to your advantage

Optional Bonus 1:

363® FOR LEADERS by Disc or management upward feedback survey

Optional Bonus 2:

2x3-way meetings with your manager, chairman, or cofounder so that they can input to the coaching agenda.

C-Path Optional Upgrade:

Everything on the ExecutivePath plus 360 interviews with 8-12 key stakeholders for feedback & follow up. This is an optional extra £8,890 & VAT to your ExecutivePath program.

Your Investment Only £9,970 & VAT or 12 x £997 & VAT installments

This Program is for you if

You are a senior business leader or an entrepreneur and you want to expand your impact.

You want clarity about your future and a plan to accelerate your success ensuring you are only pursuing the right opportunities for you

You want to become a stronger, inspiring leader so that you can bring people along with you

You want to make a difference without sacrificing your health or relationships.

This Program is not for you if

You lack technical expertise in your job, we suggest training instead of coaching, maybe starting with our online course: “Hold Successful Meetings”

You want someone to tell you what to do. Your coach will stimulate your thinking and explore new perspectives with you, helping you unleash your own infinite creativity and resourcefulness. If you want advice, we recommend a mentor, a consultant, or a training program.

You cannot identify any areas for growth. We expect the coachee to drive the coaching agenda with input from your company and/or manager when appropriate.

You are experiencing depression or paralysing anxiety. In this case, we suggest you consult with your GP to get the right support before you look into coaching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your coaching philosophy?

Your ExecutivePath coach is not here to tell you what to do. We are here to help you align what you do with who you are and what you believe. 

Our coaching style is relational and facilitative. We will help you think from different perspectives. Open up to the world of possibilities. Help raise your awareness of your assumptions and patterns. And often we will roll up our sleeves and experiment.

More than any of our questions or observations, it is our relationship that will help you grow. It will be grounded in warmth and unconditional acceptance. We will provide you with a safe space to be yourself, explore and experiment.

Will it sometimes be challenging? Yes. Change is always challenging but in an exciting, exhilarating way. We are committed to being honest with you. We will tell you the things that other people in your life may not. We will always be on your side.

What if the program is not working for me?

You can stop the program at any time. You will need to have a closure session with your coach and after that you will get a pro-rata refund.

How do I know my coach will be world-class and top-notch?

We have looked for the best coaches in every market. Our coaches combine business accomplishment, extensive education, and deep passion for their craft. All our coaches are accredited at the Professional Certified Coach level and beyond from the International Coaching Federation or have a postgraduate academic degree in coaching. They all get coaching and supervision by their own coach. They also all had a successful business career before they became coaches. 

We will interview you and then match you with the coach we think will be the best fit. You will have a chemistry session, and you can ask to meet another ExecutivePath coach if you want. We want you to be absolutely sure as this will likely be one of the most transformative relationships in your life. 

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program?

Our clients have a 90-minute session every 2-4 weeks. Some love to take homework in between sessions and some love to do all the work during the sessions.

What is the structure of the coaching session?

The client usually starts by sharing what they would like to work on that day. Then both the client and the coach explore, reflect, and discuss. The coach will offer questions, observations, exercises, or feedback. Usually, there is insight, and added clarity. Sometimes there are life-changing breakthroughs. A plan or a next step might emerge. At the end of the session, the client and the coach review the insights, wins, and next steps.

In what timezones, locations, and languages do you work?

We work virtually across the world. Our coaches are located in the UK, US, Netherlands and Greece. We coach in English and Greek.

In what industries do you have experience?

We have worked with many companies where innovation and creativity are important. Most of our clients come from the tech, media, and advertising industries, but we have worked with clients in almost every industry.

What level do you usually work with?

We usually work with CxOs, Founders, Partners, VPs, and Directors.

What stage companies do you work with?

Most of our clients are in the growth stage. From a small scale up to Google, they tend to prioritize growth.

Are coaching sessions confidential?

Of course! Everything we talk about in a coaching session is strictly confidential and between only you and your coach.

Do you offer email coaching?

No, we believe coaching happens best through live interaction. Email coaching can do more harm than good with misunderstandings and lack of the safety and “holding” a live session provides. If you have an urgent need you can reach out to your coach to see if you can schedule an emergency coaching session. 

Make a difference by connecting deeply with yourself and others.