Become a World-Class Leader with A Powerful Vision & Team

‘Best advice I ever got: Hire a coach’  Eric Schmidt

Have you attained a certain level of success, and you want to shape your journey to achieve higher goals? Do you want to take your company to the next level or make a pivot? Is your desire to create more impact, balance, passion, and purpose?  Welcome.

World-Class Leaders Constantly Learn and Reflect to Amplify Their Positive Impact.

Define your inspiring vision

Build a strong team to support you

Develop your success mindset

ExecutivePath clients report that they:

Celebrated the next milestone faster than expected

whether this was a revenue target, more time-freedom or something else

Their teams noticed the difference

in them being a more effective leader

They felt new energy and passion

as they defined their mobilising vision with clarity.

PWC found Executive Coaching ROI to be  seven times the initial investment.

No other investment in professional development has a self-reported client ROI of 700%.

Coaching can help you explore who you are and what you want. Together, we can brainstorm your ideas and goals to map out your ideal life and business. We can design experiments to test our ideas out in the world and use real feedback to direct you on your own path.

What type of projects can you work on during the ExecutivePath Programs?

Clarify your life and business vision

Lead with more impact and build great teams

Build your executive presence and influence

Improve work-life balance


$ $1,222 & VAT

Per Month
  • 90-minute virtual 1:1 coaching call with Caterina Kostoula (voice-only, no need to be camera-ready).
  • You can use this program to:
  • Get clarity on your vision or your next steps.
  • Plan how you can build and lead a great team around you.
  • Access Caterina’s expertise and mentorship.

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$ $3,999 & VAT

Per Month
  • In-person coaching day(s) with Caterina Kostoula to clarify your vision and strategy (10:00-17:00)
  • You can book one LeaderDay every 2-3 months or you can book 1-3 consecutive LeaderDays, especially if you are travelling from far.
  • Access to Caterina via a voice-messaging app for 2 weeks after your LeaderDay for any questions that arise as you integrate the insights from your day.
  • You can invite one more person, for example, your cofounder, partner, chairman or star employee
  • Meeting room in central London
  • Team Genius online course by Caterina Kostoula
  • New Year, New Frontier, Caterina’s 2-week live program to start the new year with a bang.
  • Email [email protected] to check available dates for your LeaderDay(s).

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$ $3,999-$7,777 & VAT

  • 3-month or 6-month 1:1 executive coaching program with one of the world-class Leaderpath coaches
  • Executive coaching calls (no need to be camera-ready.) You can choose from:
    3 x 30-minute sessions/month
    2 x 45-minute sessions / month
    1 x 90-minute session / month
  • You can invite your chairman/cofounder/manager to any of the coaching sessions to provide input on the coaching agenda
  • Team Genius online course by Caterina Kostoula
  • VisionPath, Caterina’s 6-week flagship program to design to your life and business vision
  • “New Year, New Frontier” a 2-week live program with Caterina to start the year with a bang.
  • Payment plans available


This Program is for you if

You are an entrepreneur or a senior business leader and you want to expand your impact with a powerful vision and team.

You are often told you are too much. Many find you inspiring, intimidating or even triggering.

You find success easy but also your vision is always a lot bigger than your reality. You cannot stop growing even if you tried.

You are unapologetically you and you challenge the status quo. You like doing things your way.

This Program is not for you if

You lack technical expertise in your job, we suggest training instead of coaching, maybe starting with our online course: “Team Genius.”

You cannot identify any areas to discuss with your coach. This does not necessarily mean challenges by the way; we believe that people have innate wellbeing and are naturally marvellous. It simply means that in ExecutivePath we would expect the coachee to drive the coaching agenda. Our other programs like VisionPath and New Year New Frontier have an agenda driven by us.

You are going through an extended rough patch with your mental health. Executive coaching can be quite challenging and is not recommended when healing rather than creation is the priority for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your coaching philosophy?

Your ExecutivePath coach is here to help you align what you do with who you are and what you believe. We will ask questions, challenge your thinking, and even share frameworks and ideas if we think it will help us move forward.

Our coaching style is relational and facilitative. We will help you think from different perspectives. Open up to the world of possibilities. Help raise your awareness of your assumptions and patterns. And often we will roll up our sleeves and experiment.

We will provide you with a safe space to be yourself and explore.

We are committed to being honest with you. We will tell you the things that other people in your life may not. We will always be on your side.

What is the structure of the coaching session?

The client usually starts by sharing what they would like to work on that day. Then both the client and the coach explore, reflect, and discuss. The coach will offer questions, observations, exercises, or feedback. Usually, there is insight, and added clarity. Sometimes there are life-changing breakthroughs. A plan or a next step might emerge. At the end of the session, the client and the coach review the insights, wins, and next steps.

How do you work with companies? Is there a discount if we partner with you for all our coaching needs?

We will usually discuss with the Manager or the HR about why they would like to offer coaching to their employee. Then they introduce us to the employee and after a brief call where we get to know them better and explain to them the program we match them with a coach. Once they have agreed on their match we send the HR/Manager a quote with our T&Cs and the invoice. Once the quote is accepted, the employee receives their welcome pack and they start their coaching. We will offer a 5% discount for more than five employees enrolled in our programs and a 10% discount for more than 10 employees.

In what timezones, locations, and languages do you work?

We work virtually across the world. Our coaches are located in the UK, US, Singapore, Brazil, Sweden, Netherlands and Greece. We coach in English and Greek.

In what industries do you have experience?

We have worked with many companies where innovation and creativity are important. Most of our clients come from the tech, media, and advertising industries, but we have worked with clients in almost every industry.

What level do you usually work with?

We usually work with Founders, CxOs, Partners, VPs, Directors and teams. 

What stage companies do you work with?

Most of our clients are in the growth stage. From a small scale up to Google, they tend to prioritize growth.

Are coaching sessions confidential?

Of course! Everything we talk about in a coaching session is strictly confidential and between only you and your coach.

What are your payment plans?

There are no payment plans for LeaderSpark or LeaderDay. We offer payment plans for ExecutivePath which you can find in our checkout link here

Make a difference by connecting deeply with yourself and others.