During the last two weeks, three key insights resonated the most with my LinkedIn audience. I realized that all three centered around breaking old moulds. Here they are:

1. Break “business” rules that do not work for you

“You do not run your business like a business person,” someone from my team told me the other day.

I paused for a moment, and then I realized it was true.

I am breaking all the rules I learned at my MBA:

🔹 Secure recurring revenue. I like freedom, so I do not sell long commitments or subscriptions.

I have some clients I have been working with for years, but that was a mutual choice, not a commitment.

🔹 Stick to your niche. While I primarily work with ambitious business leaders, I have had influencers, doctors and ministers joining my programs, and I love it.

🔹 Predictability & Repeatability. I grow as a person every day. My programs constantly evolve and change as I do.

🔹 Scalability. While I have scalable products like books and courses, most of my revenue comes from my bespoke team and 1:1 coaching experiences.

🔹 Sales. I do not cold-call. I hardly even do sales calls anymore. I show up daily and people can lead themselves to join me or not.

My business, first and foremost, needs to be fun for me rather than serve some external “rules” about what makes businesses successful.

Picasso said: “Learn the rules like a pro, so that you can break them like an artist.”

Prioritizing my enjoyment worked!

The Leaderpath has been growing rapidly for the last five years since its inception.

I am enjoying it more than ever.

95% of businesses fail in the first five years, according to the US small business administration.

I wonder whether one of the reasons is that business owners stop having fun running their businesses; they burn out and give up.

If you are a small business owner, make sure you build a business that fits you and the way you like to work, not some external business wisdom.

Your number one priority is to maintain your passion and fire.

That is when you produce excellent work.

That’s when your clients become passionate advocates.

That is when you stay in the business long enough to build a legacy.

It has to be fun.

Trust yourself and your intuition.

Trust that the way you want it to work, it will.

2. Shed old constrictive shells

I used to hate the lows.

The challenging periods. Feeling sad, defeated or angry.

I considered those feelings as a failure. As if I was playing the game of life wrong.

Now, I know that these feelings are a natural part of life and evolution.

Highs and lows. Ebbs and flows. Waves of the sea. Season of the year. Breathing in and out. Night and day.

And yes, through the years, I learned to stay less time in the low.

By not resisting the uncomfortable feelings and not feeding them with thinking either.

Just let them pass through me in their own time. No need to do anything; just allow.

Once the feeling has worked its way through, I reemerge stronger and wiser.

A new edition of me playing at the next level of the game.

The pain was about shedding an old belief, identity or relationship that no longer served me or the broader good.

When you are going through a low, know that it will pass.

As long as you do not get sucked in with compulsive thinking or get stuck by building an identity of victimhood.

You are not failing. You are simply shedding an old constrictive shell.

3. Stop playing small

There comes a point when you feel it.

Enough hiding. Enough being quiet. Enough deeming your light and playing small.

You know it’s time.

To expand. To speak up. To rise.

To be seen in all your truth and glory.

The world is waiting for you to be all of who you are.

Even your darkest parts, once integrated, become your strongest wisdom.

You are not afraid anymore. You know what you need to do next.

You make your move. And with every move, the next one reveals itself.

And you keep on rising. And the world keeps on rising with you.

Are you ready?

Take care,


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