Today’s show is the second in a series of bonus episodes each featuring one of the powerful talks given by the participants in The Big Talk Academy as a part of our Virtual Showcase. This showcase is the culmination of their hard work as they cross the finish line to becoming certified speakers.

These episodes give you a peek behind the curtain to witness the amazing Big Talks presented, and also give you exclusive access to my live feedback and direction I give to each speaker immediately following their performances.

This week’s episode features Caterina Kostoula and her talk, The Lonely Genius Is a Myth.

Caterina coaches leaders and teams for impact and fulfilment. She is the founder of coaching company, The Leaderpath® and an ex-Googler. Her book, Hold Successful Meetings will be published by Penguin in 2021. Caterina also writes on Forbes and coaches for INSEAD business school.

In her powerful and informative Big Talk, she shares how research shows we need each other to spark and challenge our thinking. Humans thrive on collaboration. However, our current methods of meetings in business fall incredibly short. In response, she proposes a new meeting framework.

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