We took some actions in our family this week that promise to improve our quality of life and relationships significantly.

It all started when I went with my husband to the mountains for two days before the new year. On the day, we would hike. Elevate our state with movement, mindfulness, contact with nature and beauty.

After the hikes, we would review our year over dinner. What do we need to celebrate? What worked, and what didn’t?

Suddenly, creative ideas started pouring in about the things that were not working in our family.

The kids keep asking us to buy them stuff. How about we give them an allowance and their own kid debit card so that they learn to manage money, spend and save?

They have way too much screen time on the weekends. How about we negotiate a time limit for the weekends but trade them with higher quality screen time by getting them a better content subscription or a gaming console?

We wanted the kids to do more chores in the house. How about we start small, with each one committing to taking their plate to the dishwasher after they eat?

When we returned from the mountains, we went with the kids to a lovely coffee shop and had a family meeting.

We shared the ideas with the kids. There was initial suspicion and resistance to changing the status quo. Still, when they heard that they were getting debit cards and even potentially a gaming console if we could all sign a “contract” about weekend screen time limits, they started getting excited.

It has been a few days, and the dishes have ended up in the dishwasher!

I could not believe that during two days in the mountain, my husband and I came up with ideas to address long-standing issues in our family.

Pausing to review things in a relaxed way had a colossal ROI.

I went through a similar process with my business and health and I am starting the new year inspired about what’s ahead.

Next week, my New Year, New Frontier program begins.

It is a 2-week experience designed to extract the learnings from the previous year and set up the next one for success.

We will review what worked and what didn’t in all areas of life and work and allow for creative ideas to come.

You can join us here.

Also, yesterday was the first episode of The Leaderpath Show on LinkedIn, where I shared 5 of my top 2022 learnings. You can watch the replay here, and you can sign up for part 2, where I will share five more life-changing learnings next Thursday 12th January, here.

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