This week, I bring three life-changing insights to help you shift unproductive thinking. They have been pivotal in supporting me to raise my emotional vibration when I need to.

Ready? Let’s get started:

1. Negative feelings are a signal that you have moved away from the truth.

I first heard this insight from James Wedmore, and it blew my mind.

Most people see their negative feelings as a failure. Something they need to control.

Negative feelings are a warning mechanism. Just like you feel pain when you put your hand into the fire so that you can move it. If you did not feel the pain, you would seriously hurt yourself.

Negative emotions signal that your thinking has strayed off the path of truth. It is like a smoke alarm that will make an unpleasant noise to get your attention.

So, whenever you feel negative emotions, look for the thought causing them.

Ask yourself: “In what way is this thought not true? And what is the truth instead?”

Sometimes, you might need to dig deeper. For example, you might think that the thought “I have gained weight”, which is a fact, makes you sad.

A fact cannot make you feel anything by itself. What you make the facts mean about yourself causes the emotions. For example, gaining weight can be a happy event if you are trying to build volume.

What are you making the fact in question mean about you? And how is this attributed meaning a lie?

Another way to access the truth is to see the fact through the eyes of love. If a child or a pet you love faced a similar reality as you are (failing on something, losing a toy, gaining weight), how would you approach it?

“Truth is the handmaiden of love”, said Jordan Peterson. Truth helps you access love and vice versa.

2. Never make a pattern with the things you do not want

I heard this insight from Melanie Ann Layer, and it is brilliant. Our mind is a pattern-making machine.

It loves tying things together, grouping, and labelling.

It is also incredibly powerful; once it has established a pattern as accurate, it will work hard to support it.

The problem is that most people create patterns with things they do not want.

  • “I am having a bad year.”
  • “I never win these things.”
  • “I can’t keep the money I make.”
  • “I take the weight back on when I lose it.”
  • “I always attract losers.”

These are all patterns we create in our minds that do not serve us.

Do not link a couple of unpleasant events together to make a pattern. Catch and stop yourself whenever you create a pattern with things you do not want.

But feel free to create positive patterns

  • “I attract great people to my life.”
  • “I am lucky.”
  • “I tend to overcome any challenges that come my way.”
  • “I always come up with fresh insights and ideas when I rest.”
  • “Every day, in every way, I become better at life.”

3. Forgiveness is the secret pathway to move from a lack to an abundance state.

Most spiritual texts and psychologists agree that forgiveness is good for you.

Last week, I read the most convincing explanation about why we should work on forgiveness by Michael Beckwith.

He explains that when you have not forgiven someone, in your mind, they have a debt to you. They owe you something.

And therefore, you are lacking something, the thing that they owe you.

When you are in a lack mindset, you are unhappy and subconsciously create more lack.

By forgiving, you change state. Nobody owes you anything. You have everything you will ever need. And you keep attracting more.

Forgiveness can be a lengthy process for some things. But if our abundance and freedom depend on it, it is one of the most worthwhile things we can do.

Here are some techniques that I have found helpful.

  • Listen to guided forgiveness meditations. Check out YouTube or Insight Timer for free audios.
  • Humanize the person you need to forgive. Maybe look at their public social media pictures with their kids or their partner to see them in a different light. They, like every human, crave happiness and love.
  • Get into their shoes. Everybody does the best they can with their knowledge and resources. Socrates said that nobody is willingly evil. Try to understand where they came from.
  • Feel and release the pain they have caused you. Visualize going back in time, meeting your old hurt self and giving them what they needed: love, support, and encouragement.
  • Tune into your inner wholeness and abundance. I love the quote from Course in Miracles: “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.” What if nobody can take anything real from us? Nobody owes us anything because we lack nothing. Then, we are free to forgive.

What other forgiveness strategies would you add?

Moving forward

Next time you feel down, remember these three insights. They might just be the ladder you need to climb out of a tough spot.

Every time you choose to find the truth, stop negative patterns, and forgive, you take back control. You alchemise your pain into power.

Take care,


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