March 27, 2024

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Master Your Mind Like Eckhart Tolle and Jessica Watson

Imagine dangling 1.3 kilometers above sea level, suspended in a Superman pose, with nothing but the vast, open air beneath you.

That was me yesterday.

I paused unexpectedly during what was supposed to be a thrilling ride on the longest ocean-view zipline in Costa Rica.

The winds had other plans, leaving me hanging, quite literally.

A Lesson from Eckhart Tolle: Mastering the Mind

When they asked Eckhart Tolle, the author of The Power Of Now, what his biggest achievement was, he said something like this: “I can think when I want to think and not think when I do not want to.”

This statement blew me away. How cool not to be a slave of uncontrollable thoughts!

I had to master my mind yesterday as I was hanging above the abyss.

I closed my eyes, not to see the height, and started visualizing my kids. Thoughts of my fall and subsequent death were trying to sneak in.

I thought back to the hug my son gave me in the morning and the chat I had with my daughter last evening.

In what felt like an eon but was probably just a few minutes, someone came and dragged me to the next zipline platform. I was safe!

True Spirit and the Power of Resilience

I recently watched the story of Jessica Watson, a 16-year-old Australian who sailed solo around the world, in the movie True Spirit on Netflix.

The importance of mastering one’s mind to achieve any level of mastery was well illustrated:

1. The decision to embark on a journey will often encounter opposition

Jessica’s embarking on her journey was met with much opposition. Australia even wanted to pass a bill against it. People were concerned about her safety, which was understandable.

Most of my clients encounter opposition from their loved ones when they embark on pursuing a new vision—a new business, city, or relationship. Their families want to keep them safe.

Nobody shares your dream like you do. Because nobody has your perspective, they will often overestimate risks and underestimate your ability to handle them.

Jessica did not let the naysayers stop her from her dream, and she did not let other people’s opinions shake her confidence. Do you?

2. Work with life and not against it

As a sailor, you need to balance two forces: where you want to go and where the sea wants to take you.

Knowing when to drive and when to surrender is critical.

Any sailor knows that the sea is stronger. You need to work with it, not against it.

You adjust your sails when it is windy, and you put them down when there is a storm.

I have found the same to be true with life. You might have a destination you are going towards.

But on the way, life might have other plans. Knowing when to surrender might help you reach your destination faster or reach an even better destination.

Your mind will resist surrender. It is a judging machine. “I like this. I don’t like this. This should not be this way” type thoughts are pervasive.

Surrendering to life means following your intuition, even when it does not make rational sense.

It means saying yes to opportunities, even when you do not feel ready. It means letting go of the people who want to go.

When you surrender to life, you learn to bend in the wind rather than break.

One of my favorite vision questions lately, which encourages me to surrender, is this: How does life want to express itself through me today?

3. Often, managing your psychology is all you have to do

One of Jessica Watson’s most challenging moments in the movie was when there was no wind. She was stuck, not moving.

All she had to do was wait for the wind and manage her psychology.

As I was hanging in the air at what they said was a 20-story building height above the ground, I could only wait for someone to come and get me and, most importantly, manage my psychology.

During the height of COVID-19, we needed to manage our psychology.

While waiting for big news from a client, an employer, or a doctor, you need to manage your psychology.

Whether you can manage your psychology when things are out of your control will often define your level of success and your ability to take risks.

Last Thoughts: The True Spirit of Mastery

More than any strategy or skill, what defines those who do extraordinary feats, like Jessica Watson, is their ability to manage their mind.

Stay confident when others judge you. Know when to drive and when to surrender to the forces of nature and life. Be patient when there is no wind to get you where you need to go.

Eckhart Tolle’s wisdom about using our mind as a tool rather than being enslaved to it points to the most significant achievement of personal growth we can aspire to.

As you go about your day today, rather than being carried away by the constant chatter of your mind, you can ask yourself: How does life want to express itself through me today? And then listen for the answer.

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