February 18, 2024

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10 Clear Signs Your Life Is Aligned with Your Vision

I have been in deep flow this week, creating my free training experience, Life Vision Blueprint, which starts next week. More than 750 people signed up already, woo hoo!

As I was working, it occurred to me. I have been coaching people on vision for years. I have never explicitly shared how it feels to be living your vision.

I guess I needed to embody this for a while before I could articulate it.

Today, I will share the ten signs your life is aligned with your vision. Ready?

1. No More Tension Between Present and Future

One of the remarkable aspects of living your vision is the absence of conflict between taking care of the present and nurturing your future.

You do not have to get to “somewhere else”.  “There” is not better than “here.”  “Later” is no more valuable than “now.”

You know you have arrived. You are here and now. This is the only time and space you will ever be in.

You revel in the beauty of the present. And you are excited for what’s to come.

2. Alignment of Wants and Shoulds

In this state of fulfilment, the tension between what you want and should do evaporates.Your desires naturally align with what is good for both yourself and others. Your purpose becomes your pleasure, and your pleasure becomes your purpose.

Work feels like play. Recovery is as important as performance. There is no guilt. Just alignment.

3. Time Expansion

Time takes on a different dimension when you’re living your vision.

It’s as if the clock’s hands move slower, allowing you to savour each second.

Life is no longer a blur of routines as you intentionally create diverse and enriching experiences.

In December, my family took a two-week road trip around Costa Rica. It felt like months.

Einstein proved that time slows down when you move fast.

Neuroscientists know that our brain tends to collapse similar memories. Diverse experiences hold their unique space in our mind storage.

By living life to the fullest, you dilate time and add more “experiential” years to your life.

4. Sunday Blues Replaced with Excitement

The dread of Sunday nights, often associated with the impending workweek, becomes a thing of the past when you’re living your vision.

You don’t just enjoy your work; you love it.

Mondays are met with enthusiasm as you look forward to another week of meaningful contributions, growth and fun.

You do not live for the weekend anymore. Every day is fun.

5. A Continuous Journey of Growth

Living your vision is synonymous with perpetual growth.

You learn. You change. You evolve.

You become a master of courage. Living your vision will always require courage.

You are frequently on the edge of your comfort zone. You are trying new things. You become better and better.

Due to the rapid pace of personal growth, you move from living your vision to refreshing your vision frequently.  

The plant that grows fast needs frequent repotting. When you grow fast, you will need to pause and check your inner GPS often to fine-tune your route.

It becomes easier with time to adjust your path before you drift off in the wrong direction for too long.

6. Autonomy and Freedom

Living your vision often comes with a sense of autonomy and freedom.

You have the power to shape your days, allowing creativity and innovation to thrive. You see yourself as an artist, a creator, a leader.

What other people think about you is a lot less relevant than your purpose.

7. You vibrate love

When you live your vision, you realize that Bob Dylan was right: love is all there is. You feel love. You become love.

You love yourself. You love people. You love the planet.

People are attracted to you; they will even start paying top dollar to be in your proximity because you remind them of who they really are. Happy and loving. You effortlessly attract investors, clients, partners and employees.

8. You bounce back quickly

To be able to live your vision, you had to go through more growth than most people experience in their lifetime.

You learned not to sweat the small stuff. You learned not to give adversities more meaning and energy than required.

You learned to feel your feelings rather than push them down and then carry their weight forever.

You bounce back from bad experiences quicker and quicker.

You are still human. You will still have bad days, and you still make mistakes.

But you know how to come back to your centre. You learn and forgive yourself. You bounce back.

9. You are lucky

Professor Richard Wiseman recruited people who considered themselves lucky and unlucky for his experiment.

He asked them to count the number of photographs in a newspaper.

The lucky people finished in seconds, while the unlucky took minutes. What happened?

The professor had hidden a secret message in the newspaper. It said: “Tell the experimenter you have seen this and win £250.”

The lucky people noticed the message while the unlucky didn’t,

Last week, I hosted a client for a 2-day vision retreat here in Costa Rica. We had so many strokes of luck.

We found the perfect place in our garden to sit and do the coaching. She found the perfect place to stay even though she booked her trip at the last minute.

We found such a great table at the restaurant for our dinner the last night that someone came and told us that we had the perfect setting.

Luck favours people with courage and people who live their vision.

10. Most people around you are awesome

Your relationships with others tend to reflect the harmony you experience within yourself.

Your interactions become more authentic and meaningful. You attract people who resonate with your values and vision.

You communicate your thoughts and feelings more effectively. You have fewer misunderstandings and more productive dialogues.

You become a source of positive influence and inspiration. Your state of living your vision has a ripple effect, uplifting those around you.


Living your vision transforms your entire existence and that of those around you. How many of the signs above are you experiencing? What are the signs you aspire to? Hit reply and let me know.

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