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Welcome to The Leaderpath®

The Leaderpath® was founded by Caterina Kostoula, an executive coach, who’s known for her work at Google and Forbes Coaches Council to name a few. The Leaderpath supports leaders and teams of fast-growing, innovative companies to have more impact and fulfilment. Our services include one-to-one executive coaching, team coaching, live programs and online courses. Our programs work on two pillars:



You build stronger awareness of where you are, where you want to go, and how you can get there.


You learn how to enlist other people to your vision and build a strong, cohesive team around you to support your purpose.

The Leaderpath® team really helped our executive team gain more confidence, understand each other and work better as a team.

Nikos MoraitakisCEO at Workable

Choose Your Path

Choose your path to success from our different programs available.

Team Genius

An online course to lead your team to greatness.


A group coaching program to craft your success vision.


A one-to-one executive coaching program to grow into a world-class leader.


A team coaching program for your team to perform at their highest level.

I would recommend Caterina as a knowledgeable, reliable and passionate coach.

Sherif BakirCEO at Vodafone Roaming Services

How It Works

At The Leaderpath® we know you are a changemaker and a pioneer. To be successful, you need a clear vision and a powerful team around you. The problem is that there is too much noise internally and externally which can stand in the way of your success. We believe it is plain wrong that many changemakers never have the impact they could have had, either by lack of focus or because they failed to enlist the right people to their mission. That’s why we work on your clarity and leadership, for you and your team.

Three principles underpin everything we do.

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The first principle is that growth happens through relationships. We use the relational coaching approach, and we coach the person, not the problem. Second, 20% of your efforts, produce 80% of your results. We will help you do less to achieve more. Third, you succeed by building on your strengths. We are here to help you focus on your genius zone, so you can have exponential results.

We understand the challenges of growing a business in an environment that changes at a break-neck speed. We have been there ourselves, and we have coached many pioneering leaders from startups to Google to unleash their potential. That’s why our work has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, ThriveGlobal and been published in the Penguin Business Expert Series. We are honoured to be your partners as you make a difference by connecting more deeply with yourself and others.

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