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Welcome to The Leaderpath®

The Leaderpath® was founded by Caterina Kostoula, an executive coach, who’s known for her work at Google and Forbes Coaches Council to name a few.

Her work focuses on two pillars


Connect With Your Vision

Create your own unique path of impact and fulfilment.

Live Your Vision

Develop the mindset, skills, strategies, and habits that will allow you to make your vision a reality.

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Well structured approach, I attended Caterina's VisionPath program. I experienced first-hand her passion for helping others, her outstanding ability to frame most abstract/ difficult questions one faces in life and her well structured approach in answering those questions. I am grateful I met her in an important juncture for my life. The learnings from this program will guide me for many years to come.

Mustafa Serdar BoscaFounder CarbonSifr

Choose Your Path

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Team Genius

An online course to lead your team to greatness.


A group coaching program to craft your success vision.


A one-to-one executive coaching program to grow into a world-class leader.


A team coaching program for your team to perform at their highest level.

I would recommend Caterina as a knowledgeable, reliable and passionate coach.

Sherif BakirCEO at Vodafone Roaming Services

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